Improving a child’s effectiveness at school

The words Brain and Gym together does sound like your brain going to gym, however it is more than that.  Brain Gym utilises activities to strengthen the neural connections between the body and various other parts of the body.  It assists you with utilising the whole of your brain to enable you to reach your true potential and for you to move forward when you are stuck on something.  Brain Gym  is an educational, movement based programme which uses 26 simple and enjoyable movements to integrate the whole brain, senses and body, preparing the person with the physical skills they need to learn effectively.  It is used to improve a wide range of learning, attention and behaviour skills.

Just recently a child in primary school was suffering with school work.  This child’s Mum knew there was something amiss and thought Brain Gym would work well.  This child was not making any friends at school, was being teased for not fitting in, putting on a lot of weight, and was very sad all the time.  With only one session, we found this child had a fear of heights.  This child feared falling off the pier and drowning in the water that was in the back yard.  This fear then spread to all aspects of this child’s life, school work, friends and would not even ride the bike anymore.

We completed a few simple activities and demonstrated how to complete these activities at home on a daily basis.  After only one month of completing these simple activities, this child’s life has turned around.  Ont only did this child became the top of the class again; the Teacher was absolutely amazed, so amazed that I received a phone call from her wanting to know what I did.  This child is now climbing the fort at school and joining in with all the activities the other children are playing, which in turn is becoming very popular with the peers at school again.  The teasing stopped, no longer lonely and because is happier.

Brain Gym is like a flower, it is so different to so many people.  One hundred people can paint a flower and you will see one hundred different versions of that flower.  Brain Gym is very similar.  It assists you to become your potential, that is your journey and your journey is totally different to everybody else’s journey.  That’s what Brain Gym is all about, allowing you to go on your journey to reach your potential.  One simple thing in your life can affect your whole life as you can see from the above story.


Who can benefit from Brain Gym?

  • Excellent tool for reducing stress
  • Great for co-ordination, organisation and focus
  • Teachers to assist with classroom participation
  • Businesses to reach business goals, remain calm and think clearly under pressure
  • Students of all ages to improve with reading, learning, managing exam stress.
  • Assists with dancing, play sports or playing with their mates
  • Adults to reduce and manage difficulties with focus, concentration and attention
  • Sports people to improve coordination, confidence and peripheral vision.
  • Enhances technical and decision-making skills.

We have a one-day information on Brain Gym  coming up on the 28th October, where you will discover the 26 activities to assist with whole brain integration for a low price of $99. You will take home the knowledge of the activities to assist you to reach your potential.

This course is for Parents, Teachers and Business people.  You obtain the knowledge to impart with your children when you are next in your classroom or at home.  Book today by clicking here.

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Author’s Bio:

Simone Greer is a Brain Gym Consultant and Instructor.  She has assisted many people towards success for 5 years.  Simone is very passionate about assisting people who want to improve their own lives and/or their business.  She established Vision Your Business to do just that!