3 ways to Nurturing your Business

Just as a Mother protects and nurtures her child, you as an Employer need to protect and nurture your Business when it comes to employing staff. What do you need to put in place so you remain successful?   I have highlighted the top 3 ways to assisting you with nurturing your business to success when it comes to asking your employees to look after YOUR business.

Protecting your Child

Using the example of bringing up your child, the same can be said to bringing up your Business.  You spend many hours looking after your little one.  Changing nappies, feeding and nurturing, loving and guiding to what you feel is right for your child to grow and develop.  Then one day, when the time is right, you feel you are ready to let your little one go.  There is Day Care and School.  You do your homework to ensure you pick the best school for your child, how long do you need to travel to and from.  If there is an emergency, procedures are put in place with regards to who to contact and when.  You and your child then set out to purchase all the correct items ready for school  as set out by the school.  There is quite a procedure you need to go through to ensure your child is receiving the best and you have peace of mind.

Your Business

When it comes to your business, you also have spent hours nurturing your business to grow and develop to where you want it to be.  You have fed it with the Marketing you believed to be correct, you have set up Bank Accounts, ABN, found yourself the right Tax Accountant.  You have purchased and designed Business cards, flyers.  The list is quite extensive of all the things you have done for your business and the many hours spent to ensure it is what you want it to be.  Same as bringing up a child, you don’t count the hours, because this is your passion, this is your love.

Now the next step for your business is to employ staff.  You need to spend as much time on finding the right staff member that fits with you as you did looking for the right school for your child. Let’s face it, nobody can look after your child the same as you, the same with your business.  Nobody knows your business the way you do and they will not treat your business in the same manner.  So you do need to be extra careful in choosing someone who will respect your business, the same as a Teacher respects your child.  You have a lot to protect, like Business Branding, Customer service, the way you file, answering queries, answering the telephone, how you write letters, again the list is quite extensive.  One of the challenges for small business today, is to then motivate staff to achieve effective and efficient results in your business. Now all this work has been done, what can we do to protect our business, consider this:

The top 3 ways to nurture your business is to:

  1. Be a successful Manager – this means you are to continue growing and developing your business on a daily basis. This includes creating ideas for your business, leading your staff in the direction that is beneficial for your business and to keep on top of what happens within your business.
  2. Put systems in place to measure and report on a regular basis. The sort of systems would include everything you did in the business that you now require your staff to do.  These systems need to be written clearly and in a manner that anyone picking up the document can understand.  Measurement with your systems is important to assist you with how your staff are performing and it is great for performance reviews as well.
  3. Manage your time – and your employees time. Your time is valuable and you need to consider how much time you need for
    1. Leisure activities and business activities
    2. Dealing directly with customers and
    3. Undertaking management tasks, how much time for planning, leadership and overall management of finances and marketing

Ultimately it is up to you to nurture your business.  You are the employer, you are the Mother of your business.  Put the three nurturing ways into place to ensure your business is protected just the same as you would protect your child.

Building a successful business together by nurturing it all the way.