A New Way To Vision Your Business

Hi my name is Simone Greer, I am a Financial Accountant and a Brain Gym® Consultant. I am here to assist you with your Beautiful Business.  Let me explain those two occupations to you.

Financial Accountant

This all depends on who you are working for. If you are working for a large organisation, we would get involved in all sort of reports for the Boards and CEO. We would look at compliance with the Australia Accounting Standards, the Australian Taxation Office and the ASIC. This involves everything bookkeeping but on a much higher level. However, I have always worked with smaller organisations, my passion has always been Small Business.

With smaller organisations we would ensure all the necessary requirements like BAS, Payroll, Superannuation, etc. are all correct. These organisations usually have in access of 20 employees, so there is a large amount of work involved. We would also report on a monthly basis to the Board or to Top Management. These reports would include a lot of formulas on excel spreadsheet, giving Management very important information on low their Business is going. They would like to know things like:

  • which products were the top sellers for the month,
  • Which employee sold the highest amount
  • How much on a daily did the company sell,
  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).  These are specific to each business and depend on what information it is you are seeking.  For example, how much in return sales is coming from existing customers, how many hits on a website are converted to sales and the dollar value of those sales.  What is the percentage of sales from website, sales from repeat, sales from word of mouth – you know the list can go on forever and as Financial Accountants we generally have access to all that data at our fingertips, or we put systems in place to gather that data.

Brain Gym® or Educational Kinesiology

Educational Kinesiology is about assisting people who have blocks within them to enable them to move on.  This is usually based around stress or fear.  For example, you may have been attacked by a dog when walking your dog down the street and since then you will not take your dog for a walk.  This then has ramifications of:

  • You are not getting your required exercise
  • You are putting on weight (for lack of exercise)
  • You are losing weight (due to too much stress)
  • You start to feel down, depressed
  • You start to have sleepless nights
  • This will then affect your relationship with your family, your friends
  • Your dog is getting bored and destroying your property
  • Your dog is barking at everything that walks past or moves
  • Your dog is also putting on weight, or losing it, depending on how they deal with boredom.

Can you see how one thing happening can dramatically affect other aspects of your life?

Interested in clearing those blocks, Educational Kinesiology can assist, to get you back on-track again.  This will not prevent further attacks from dogs occurring, you cannot change what others do – BUT – you can change how you deal with the situation, how you react and not allowing things to so greatly affect you again.

Now – put those two things together and what do you get?

Business Educational Kinesiologist 

I work with you and your Business, we look at the blocks you have in your Business and we get in touch with what your business is trying to tell you through some of the reports that are essential to your Business.  I assist you in moving forward with any blocks you may have and put you and your Business in the direction that is essential for you and your Business to be successful.  Just like you water and fertilise your plants for it to grow, your Business is the same.

We look at your Business and see what is fertiliser is required, I have devised some programs to assist you in getting very clear about what it is you want and how you want your Business to operate.

I am also available to provide one-on-one consulting to go through the modules or job look specifically at your own individual needs and the needs of your Business.

How does that sound?

To find out more why not visit my website, give me a call or send an email to:


0408 638 403