Flexibility with your Customers

Being Flexible with your Customers is important in a hungry service driven economy for you to stand out from the crowd.  Good service is key to a Successful Business.

Recently I attended a Networking function.  The main reason for attending a Networking function is to get your name out there, drum up Business.  At this function, I met a business  person who I needed the services of.  I made a point of obtaining his card, so I could follow up.

The very next day I emailed him and explained what I was after.  Within hours I received an email in reply – Yes, he could provide exactly what I was after.  However you will need to come to my showroom at 3pm on this day as my schedule is busy.  There was no way I could attend at that time. I have a child and I need to pick him up from School.  In a return email I re-laid that information as to why I could not fit in with his schedule.  That’s it –  haven’t heard from him again.

Folks, if you are going to the trouble to networking your business, respond to emails in a timely fashion and then don’t have a flexible schedule to see your potential clients.  You haven’t thought the process through.  This is about the customer and what they want.  There are alternatives and you need to think that through.  What does the customer want to see.  What information does the customer require.  How can I best deliver that information that will suit both the customer and my Business.  Sure, you need boundaries within your Business, but to blow me off just because I couldn’t be there at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon.  That is harsh.  Please be flexible with your business, customers need it, as will you when you seek business from another Business.  Customers are also busy, just like you.

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Author’s Bio:

Simone Greer is a Financial Accountant and has managed small to medium size businesses for 20 years. Simone is passionate about small business success and targeted her career towards finding the tools to support business owners realise their professional and personal goals. She established Vision Your Business to do just that!

Simone is also a Kinesiologist and a Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant. This unique skill set enables her to walk beside you on YOUR wonderful path of discovering YOUR beautiful business.