Flexibility with your Customers

Being Flexible with your Customers is important in a hungry service driven economy for you to stand out from the crowd.  Good service is key to a Successful Business.

Recently I attended a Networking function.  The main reason for attending a Networking function is to get your name out there, drum up Business.  At this function, I met a business  person who I needed the services of.  I made a point of obtaining his card, so I could follow up.

The very next day I emailed him and explained what I was after.  Within hours I received an email in reply – Yes, he could provide exactly what I was after.  However you will need to come to my showroom at 3pm on this day as my schedule is busy.  There was no way I could attend at that time. I have a child and I need to pick him up from School.  In a return email I re-laid that information as to why I could not fit in with his schedule.  That’s it –  haven’t heard from him again.

Folks, if you are going to the trouble to networking your business, respond to emails in a timely fashion and then don’t have a flexible schedule to see your potential clients.  You haven’t thought the process through.  This is about the customer and what they want.  There are alternatives and you need to think that through.  What does the customer want to see.  What information does the customer require.  How can I best deliver that information that will suit both the customer and my Business.  Sure, you need boundaries within your Business, but to blow me off just because I couldn’t be there at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon.  That is harsh.  Please be flexible with your business, customers need it, as will you when you seek business from another Business.  Customers are also busy, just like you.

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Author’s Bio:

Simone Greer is a Financial Accountant and has managed small to medium size businesses for 20 years. Simone is passionate about small business success and targeted her career towards finding the tools to support business owners realise their professional and personal goals. She established Vision Your Business to do just that!

Simone is also a Kinesiologist and a Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant. This unique skill set enables her to walk beside you on YOUR wonderful path of discovering YOUR beautiful business.

Business Plans transform Your Business

Yesterday I had the pleasure to speak to another Business person, who was so passionate about completing Business Plans.  He detailed all the important reasons why this document transformed his Business.  He also included the need to review that plan periodically.

What is a Business Plan

Business Plans are a management tool that can be referred to regularly to ensure the business is on course with meeting goals, sales targets or operational milestones.

Small Business planning has two primary purposes.  First, and foremost, it is used to assist you to run your business with a more cohesive vision.  It is your map for your business direction.  This need enables you to analyse your plan for marketing, sales, manufacturing, website design, etc.  Whatever is necessary for your business to enable you to greatly enhance your chances for success.

Secondly, Business Plans are important because it allows you to use resources efficiently and prepare for the unexpected.  It also helps you to determine the appropriate goals for your business.  Proper planning assists employees working for you to know what they are trying to accomplish.

Importance of Business Plans

Let me tell you the importance of Business Plans in his words. “I was offered a gift, he said, when I was encouraged to complete a Business Plan at the start of my new Business. I could see most of the pitfalls before I even started my business.  I put goals in place and I was blown away at the beginning to see that my goals were actually being achieved time and time again.  My business is now far exceeding my original expectations because I am putting the effort into my business on a periodic basis to ensure the Business plan.  The Business Plan I made at the beginning became a living document.  I now, because of my Business Plan, have a worldwide business, not just relying on local trade which is far beyond what I originally thought I was ever going to do.  My business has changed so much and I was able to ride through the financial crisis.  I saw so many other businesses close their doors and lose so much money.”

He said, he doesn’t know any other way to do business now.  He and his team periodically review the business plan, review his budgets.  Then he sets new goals and budgets for the future all the time.

My Goal for Transforming your Business

My Goal is to assist Small Business owners to complete their Business Plan.  I aim to achieve this in a workshop environment while we clear any blocks you may have about getting to know your Business.  There is no point in getting someone else to do your Business Plan.  It is up to you to get to know your Business.  My 2 day workshop is designed to assist you to work through your dreams and aspirations.  We work through your fears you may have around your business and end up with a workable Business Plan.  You will want to leave this plan on your desk for you to look at on a regular basis.  This document will contain all the important information that is pertinent to YOUR Business.  My goal is to walk into your office and see that document with coffee stains on it, dirty thumb prints all over it.  This document will look a mess after twelve months because it will be the most used document you will ever own – and you created it.

To find out more about how I can help you to nurture your business why not visit my website, give me a call on 0408 638 403 or send an email to: info@visionyourbusiness.com.au

Author’s Bio:

Simone Greer is a Financial Accountant and has managed small to medium size businesses for 20 years. Simone is passionate about small business success and targeted her career towards finding the tools to support business owners realise their professional and personal goals. She established Vision Your Business to do just that!

Simone is also a Kinesiologist and a Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant. This unique skill set enables her to walk beside you on YOUR wonderful path of discovering YOUR beautiful business.

A New Way To Vision Your Business

Hi my name is Simone Greer, I am a Financial Accountant and a Brain Gym® Consultant. I am here to assist you with your Beautiful Business.  Let me explain those two occupations to you.

Financial Accountant

This all depends on who you are working for. If you are working for a large organisation, we would get involved in all sort of reports for the Boards and CEO. We would look at compliance with the Australia Accounting Standards, the Australian Taxation Office and the ASIC. This involves everything bookkeeping but on a much higher level. However, I have always worked with smaller organisations, my passion has always been Small Business.

With smaller organisations we would ensure all the necessary requirements like BAS, Payroll, Superannuation, etc. are all correct. These organisations usually have in access of 20 employees, so there is a large amount of work involved. We would also report on a monthly basis to the Board or to Top Management. These reports would include a lot of formulas on excel spreadsheet, giving Management very important information on low their Business is going. They would like to know things like:

  • which products were the top sellers for the month,
  • Which employee sold the highest amount
  • How much on a daily did the company sell,
  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).  These are specific to each business and depend on what information it is you are seeking.  For example, how much in return sales is coming from existing customers, how many hits on a website are converted to sales and the dollar value of those sales.  What is the percentage of sales from website, sales from repeat, sales from word of mouth – you know the list can go on forever and as Financial Accountants we generally have access to all that data at our fingertips, or we put systems in place to gather that data.

Brain Gym® or Educational Kinesiology

Educational Kinesiology is about assisting people who have blocks within them to enable them to move on.  This is usually based around stress or fear.  For example, you may have been attacked by a dog when walking your dog down the street and since then you will not take your dog for a walk.  This then has ramifications of:

  • You are not getting your required exercise
  • You are putting on weight (for lack of exercise)
  • You are losing weight (due to too much stress)
  • You start to feel down, depressed
  • You start to have sleepless nights
  • This will then affect your relationship with your family, your friends
  • Your dog is getting bored and destroying your property
  • Your dog is barking at everything that walks past or moves
  • Your dog is also putting on weight, or losing it, depending on how they deal with boredom.

Can you see how one thing happening can dramatically affect other aspects of your life?

Interested in clearing those blocks, Educational Kinesiology can assist, to get you back on-track again.  This will not prevent further attacks from dogs occurring, you cannot change what others do – BUT – you can change how you deal with the situation, how you react and not allowing things to so greatly affect you again.

Now – put those two things together and what do you get?

Business Educational Kinesiologist 

I work with you and your Business, we look at the blocks you have in your Business and we get in touch with what your business is trying to tell you through some of the reports that are essential to your Business.  I assist you in moving forward with any blocks you may have and put you and your Business in the direction that is essential for you and your Business to be successful.  Just like you water and fertilise your plants for it to grow, your Business is the same.

We look at your Business and see what is fertiliser is required, I have devised some programs to assist you in getting very clear about what it is you want and how you want your Business to operate.

I am also available to provide one-on-one consulting to go through the modules or job look specifically at your own individual needs and the needs of your Business.

How does that sound?

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0408 638 403

The same 24 hours

Do you often wonder why some people (with the same 24 hours) can achieve a lot of things and why some simple cannot?


Are you committed to building your business?  Are you committed to completing your tasks, so you can have a better life and a better business?  If not, what is it going to take for you to be committed?

Have you over-committed yourself?  If you have, then you may need to look at your commitments and decide what is important to you and what makes your heart sing and which ones don’t.

Saying ’No’ is a big thing for most people, especially women, what do you need to say ‘No’ to?

Time managing your day is very important in business.  For me, I find it hard to work when my son is on holidays, so I get up early (and for those who love the night, work at night), I work for 2 hours before he wakes up.  No interruptions.  It is amazing how much work you can fit in when you know you only have 2 hours.  If he sleeps in, that is bonus time.  I also know that as soon as he wakes up, it is pens down for me.  Amazingly though, I am able to get through so much work and absolutely feel great with myself when I can smash the work out and then spend quality time with my son.  My day with my son is the same, I plan it.    Today is golf – looking forward to that!!  What do you love to do with your child/ren?

Start planning and write two lists of things you love to do – One for your business to achieve in the short amount of time you have and a list of things you love to do with your child/ren.  Then look at what you need to do to be committed to complete the tasks necessary for success.

Happy Planning!!  J

Top ways to Planning

Do you often wonder why some people, with the same amount of 24 hours, can achieve a lot of things and why some simply cannot?  Here are some tips on the Top ways to Planning.


Are you committed to completing your tasks, so you can have a better life and a better business?

Are you over-committed?  If you are, then you may need to look at your commitments and decide what is important to you.  What makes your heart sing and what things do you do that don’t make you feel not so good.  Saying ’No’ is a big thing for most people, especially women, what do you need to say ‘No’ to?

A great start to being committed or to prioritise your commitments.  Is writing a list of all the things you need to do.  Sometimes this needs to be done while you are going about your day and even what you achieve in your week.  You will be surprised by this list and how much you achieve.  Especially when you get to the end of the day, feeling exhausted and wonder what you did all day.

Create a List

Start your commitment, to your business, by making a list to assist you to achieve more in the same 24 hours.

  1. From the list you created, go to the down loadable form below and start to fill it out. You can have a form per one day or one week, whatever suits you.
  2. Tick in the box if the tasks you have written down are ‘important’ or ‘not so important’.
  3. With the ‘important’ things on your list, start your day with those items first before you even look at the items in the ‘not so important’ boxes.

Now let’s look at the ‘not so important’ things to achieve.

The ‘not so important’ list can be achieved is a few different ways.

First, you can number this items on your list, then complete those tasks as per your numbered list.

Another way is to tick the tasks you would like to achieve this week under the heading ‘week’, then

Tick the tasks you I would like to achieve this month under the heading ‘month’, then

Tick the tasks you would like to achieve this year under the ‘year’ column.

The third way to complete this downloadable form, is to pop a date in those boxes of which you would like to achieve those things to do by.

It is really important to put this list somewhere where you can refer to it on a regular basis.  Highlight, colour in or whatever takes your fancy to indicate you have completed that task.  By colouring in or highlighting, you are able to view easily what you have achieved in the same 24 hours as everyone else.

Having this list allows you to feel that it is possible to welcome interruptions and changes of your plan when YOU feel in charge of your dairy and your life.  Let’s face it, interruptions and changes are a way of life.

Having this list also allows you to see what you have really achieved, in one week, in one month and then YOU can feel great about what YOU have achieved

Don’t forget to include in the’ important section’ self-care for yourself.  You also need to commit to yourself as well.  But then that is another Blog.

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3 ways to Nurturing your Business

Just as a Mother protects and nurtures her child, you as an Employer need to protect and nurture your Business when it comes to employing staff. What do you need to put in place so you remain successful?   I have highlighted the top 3 ways to assisting you with nurturing your business to success when it comes to asking your employees to look after YOUR business.

Protecting your Child

Using the example of bringing up your child, the same can be said to bringing up your Business.  You spend many hours looking after your little one.  Changing nappies, feeding and nurturing, loving and guiding to what you feel is right for your child to grow and develop.  Then one day, when the time is right, you feel you are ready to let your little one go.  There is Day Care and School.  You do your homework to ensure you pick the best school for your child, how long do you need to travel to and from.  If there is an emergency, procedures are put in place with regards to who to contact and when.  You and your child then set out to purchase all the correct items ready for school  as set out by the school.  There is quite a procedure you need to go through to ensure your child is receiving the best and you have peace of mind.

Your Business

When it comes to your business, you also have spent hours nurturing your business to grow and develop to where you want it to be.  You have fed it with the Marketing you believed to be correct, you have set up Bank Accounts, ABN, found yourself the right Tax Accountant.  You have purchased and designed Business cards, flyers.  The list is quite extensive of all the things you have done for your business and the many hours spent to ensure it is what you want it to be.  Same as bringing up a child, you don’t count the hours, because this is your passion, this is your love.

Now the next step for your business is to employ staff.  You need to spend as much time on finding the right staff member that fits with you as you did looking for the right school for your child. Let’s face it, nobody can look after your child the same as you, the same with your business.  Nobody knows your business the way you do and they will not treat your business in the same manner.  So you do need to be extra careful in choosing someone who will respect your business, the same as a Teacher respects your child.  You have a lot to protect, like Business Branding, Customer service, the way you file, answering queries, answering the telephone, how you write letters, again the list is quite extensive.  One of the challenges for small business today, is to then motivate staff to achieve effective and efficient results in your business. Now all this work has been done, what can we do to protect our business, consider this:

The top 3 ways to nurture your business is to:

  1. Be a successful Manager – this means you are to continue growing and developing your business on a daily basis. This includes creating ideas for your business, leading your staff in the direction that is beneficial for your business and to keep on top of what happens within your business.
  2. Put systems in place to measure and report on a regular basis. The sort of systems would include everything you did in the business that you now require your staff to do.  These systems need to be written clearly and in a manner that anyone picking up the document can understand.  Measurement with your systems is important to assist you with how your staff are performing and it is great for performance reviews as well.
  3. Manage your time – and your employees time. Your time is valuable and you need to consider how much time you need for
    1. Leisure activities and business activities
    2. Dealing directly with customers and
    3. Undertaking management tasks, how much time for planning, leadership and overall management of finances and marketing

Ultimately it is up to you to nurture your business.  You are the employer, you are the Mother of your business.  Put the three nurturing ways into place to ensure your business is protected just the same as you would protect your child.

Building a successful business together by nurturing it all the way.

Why “should” you?

The words we use in our everyday lives have power. The power to inspire, motivate, lift up, benefit others, as well as, to bring down and cause harm. Some words are subtly negative and it’s easy to miss their impact. It’s also easy to miss the root cause of these words.

“Should” is one of these words. Why “should”?  The root cause of using “should” is expectations about ourselves and others. Sometimes these expectations are unrealistic and we can setup ourselves and others for a downfall.

How often do we feel we “should” do something? “I should answer my emails straight away”, or “I should go attend every school meeting”. How realistic are those expectations?  A way to say this would be: “I would really like to attend every school meeting.” This is accepting that things can happen which may mean I am unable to go, and that is ok.

“Should” can also have its basis in wanting to gain the approval of others.  Sometimes we put pressure on ourselves to achieve, so that we can gain the respect or approval of others. Instead, we need to look to ourselves and be true to our authentic selves.

The other form of “should” is about something we feel we “should” have done or said. It’s always in the past tense. What has happened, has happened. Having control of all variables, all the time, is an unrealistic expectation. At these times consider asking yourself, “Is it a realistic expectation?”, and “Did I do the best I could with the tools I had?” Regret and guilt are common negative feelings that don’t help us to move on. Consider short-circuiting negative self-talk and taking steps towards using language that helps you.

If you find yourself saying ‘I really should be going for a walk each morning’, are you really saying to yourself, ‘I really should be going for that walk each morning, but I don’t’? If you have the time, ask yourself the questions “Why do I not make the time?” and “Do I value the outcome?” Sometimes we don’t do these things for ourselves because we don’t really want to do them, or we don’t think we deserve to take the time to nourish ourselves. Dig down until you find the root cause. Remember that to nourish others, we need to nourish ourselves first.

The words we choose for self-talk and talking to others have a root cause and power. Changing the way we think and talk will take time. In the meantime, be gentle with yourself and know that each one of us is doing the best we can with the tools we have!

Be Your Authentic Self

Incorporating business and spirituality a number of years ago was a pipe dream. When a cut throat decision was made, the retort was “Well, that’s just business”. Today, we are looking for a more meaningful life, and we’re implementing our spirituality into our daily lives (business and work).  You couldn’t be your Authentic self, you had to be tough and rough.

Every decision we make has an impact on someone else and the environment.  It makes sense to use a spiritual filter in our decision making and planning. Even the stronghold of logic, that is the finance and accounting world, has caught onto the benefits of Spirituality in Business. An academic paper titled ‘Toward a Model for the use of Spirituality in Teaching Accounting (2009, Hocking et al) refers to spirituality as being holistic, or ‘New Age’, and discussed the benefits of students being open to new ideas, questioning assumptions, and bonding to a community.  It encouraged students to work authentically with one another to create environments that nurtures openness, respect, confidence and deliberation.  A positive step forward for business and the world.

Being in the business world, whether it be your business or working for someone else, it’s impossible to hide who your authentic self is long term. We can present a persona short term, but it’s not comfortable or sustainable to separate our spiritual self from our business self. We need to be true to our authentic selves.

A friend said to me once, “You can’t be successful in business because it isn’t spiritually correct to be making money”. What a strange vision of the world they had! I then noticed other new age people with a similar vision and they were not financially abundant. We all deserve to have abundance in our lives!  We are meant to enjoy ourselves and flourish, not just survive. We can all have abundance when we create a business environment of holistic thinking that is true to our authentic self, foster openness, respect, confidence and deliberation. When we work together, and embed ourselves into our community, then we can all benefit. Abundance is a positive spiritual vision and choice we can create.

We hope that you have been inspired and are motivated today to encourage spirituality, authenticity and abundance in your business and homes. We hope you have a really abundant week!

Vision Your Life,

1. ‘Hocking, D. E., Myers, M. D., & Cairns, S. N. (2009). Toward a Model for the Use of Spirituality in Teaching Accounting. Journal of Academic and Business Ethics, 1, 1.