5 Reasons to Embrace Branding & How To Do It

5 Reasons to Embrace Branding

When first starting out in business, it’s easy to skip branding and focus on running your business. It’s easy to feel like there’s no time to develop a brand. Is branding important? Here are a few good reasons to embrace Branding!

  1. Your brand is the essence of your business vision and communicates your core values to your customers, suppliers and every person in your business. You are the brand, your staff are the brand, your marketing and promotions are the brand.
  2. Your customers come in contact with your brand and its embedded values every time they communicate with your business and see your logo. Your Brand is a promise to your customers about what they can expect from your business. The more connected, secure and emotionally invested a customer feels, the more they come back, and the more likely they are to refer clients.
  3. A well-defined and bedded in brand can be felt throughout the business and by your customers. A clear brand tells your staff how to communicate with your customers as well as each other, meet organizational goals and succeed.
  4. Your business knows who it is, what it is and why it is doing it. As a result, it is easier to stay focused, develop strategies and plans that are true to your business vision. This saves time, energy and money, which are especially valuable in small business!
  5. A strong brand can grow your business value and exceed the physical value of your assets! It can set you apart from other businesses and make you clearly identifiable.

How do you go about defining & embracing your brand?

  • Create and write your brand message – what are the key messages and core values that you want your customer the think and feel when they see your brand. Make it authentic and true to your business Vision.
  • Design a logo that captures your core values. Consider the tone of your business; formal or friendly, traditional or non-conventional? All of these things will be reflected in the choice of colours, shapes, textures, images, and fonts.
  • Develop a tag line that complements your logo. A short and sweet phrase helps get the message across.
  • Integrate your brand across the business and into every single aspect of your business, from how the phone is answered, email signature, marketing strategies, brochures, uniforms, the cars you drive, website, social media, and every single customer experience touch-point.
  • Be consistent! Create templates for everything e.g. email signatures, presentations, invoices, quotations, etc. Develop and document brand guidelines for look and feel, fonts used, colour schemes, logo placements and operating procedures. Above all, consistently implement and refer to brand guidelines.
  • Embrace your brand and be true to it! After investing time and effort into creating and embedding your brand into your business, be true to it. Care for your brand and nourish it with consistency.

Once you have developed and embedded your brand into your business, use your brand everywhere. Embrace your beautiful business brand!