Clear Boundaries to making YOU money

I was very fortunate to attend a Cooking class the other day and I was the only person who turned up, two other people cancelled at the last minute.  I had a fabulous day, we cooked so much food, I ate so much food and I learnt an incredible amount about cooking whole-foods.  It was absolutely extraordinary and I would recommend it to anyone.   The price was an incredible $35 for 4 hours including morning tea and lunch.  What a bargain.  Boundaries had to be set.

After that day, that deal is no more.  I had a chance to talk to this beautiful lady about how much she was putting into this class, along with the food we were preparing, her awe-inspiring passion and her knowledge.  The class was worth way more than the money I paid.

So how can you start making money?  Here is a look at the figures.  The costs of putting this one event on at her home is:

Hours put into the class by YOUR wages    5 hours @ $60                       $300

Food purchased for the event – Direct costs                                              $200

Plus other miscellaneous items – Indirect costs                                       $  60

(including pantry items, electricity, phone, etc)

Total cost of event                                                                                          $560

(These figures are an approximate only for demonstration)

Now this kitchen was small, and could comfortably accommodate a maximum of 7 people.  So given that, it would be necessary to charge a minimum of $80 per person.  Now that is if everyone turns up.

Setting Boundaries?

Is it because the class was too cheap, or because we don’t have clear boundaries around what is appropriate for us.  This is business ladies, and we need people to turn up when they say they are going to.  I realise when we are starting out, we need to be flexible, however it is essential today for people to pay before the day.  Clear boundaries are important, and let’s face it you only want people to attend who respect your boundaries.

Respect your worth?

In this example, I have put in $60 per hour, however most people today don’t even consider putting in an amount for their own wages, and gift everyone with your valuable knowledge.  I know it is lovely to share great knowledge, however we really do need to value our own worth.  Why?  Because you deserve it and you do need to pay your bills as well.  Appreciating your own value will flow through to other people appreciating your values and that is what it is all about.  Respect YOURSELF and what YOU are worth.  You are worth it, believe me.