Are YOU ready to change YOUR life?

Are you ready to:

♥ Achieve great things in your life?

♥ Find balance with work, family and community?

♥ Make decisions within your Life with clarity?

♥ Find your passion?

♥ Live your life without fear and reduce the stress?

♥ Plan and make decisions that are in tune with your personal aspirations?

♥ Become more organised and confident?

♥ Celebrate your milestones and the achievement of your goals?

♥ Kineisology & Energy Healing tailored to YOUR needs

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Are you:

♥ Feeling unsure with the accuracy of your accounts?

♥ Finding balance with work, family and community?

♥ Making decisions within your Business with clarity?

♥ Working on your business instead of in your business?

♥ Nervous about GST and if you’r paying the ATO the right amount?

♥ Wanting a better understanding of your bookkeeping practice?

♥ Getting to know YOUR business including understanding your real financials?

♥ Finding you have decisions to make and you are finding it hard, because you aren’t sure about your figures?

♥ Wanting to save money?

If so, then this is for you.  Click here or talk to Simone today on 0408 638 403

All progress take place outside the comfort zone.

Michael John Bobak

What YOU receive

You will benefit from all of Simone’s experience, passion, strengths and knowledge to assist you to grow your business the way you want to grow your business. Simone loves to walk alongside her clients to see things from your perspective to assist you with your journey.

She helps you to balance creating a profitable business with what YOU need individually in YOUR everyday life.

It is Simone’s mission to provide businesses with a holistic approach to creating a plan and vision so you can grow and develop your business, re-discover your passion and allow yourself the opportunity to think with clarity and confidence.



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The benefits on a Monthly Health Check and/or an Individual consultation, are more beneficial to you than the price, because you have peace of mind!

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Meet Simone

    Simone Greer is a Financial Accountant and has managed small to medium size businesses for approximately 25 years. Simone is passionate about small business success and targeted her career towards finding the tools to support business owners realise their professional and personal goals.
    Simone is also a Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant and Counsellor. This unique skill set enables her to walk beside you on YOUR path of discovering YOUR business.

    Winners take the time to relish their work,

    knowing that scaling the mountain is what

    makes the view from the top so exhilarating.

    Denis Waitley


    Here is what some people had to say about the course:

    ‘I recently took part in a face to face course on Vision Your Business with Simone Greer. The course was easy to understand and presented in a very professional but friendly and fun manner. Throughout the course, Simone made me reflect on what I really wanted for my business and how to attain success through logical planning. There was so much that I hadn’t thought about that Simone’s course highlighted. I am confident that I will now succeed in my business. Thank you Simone!’  Diane M

    ‘For many years I have not given time to review my business. It was a good decision to take the opportunity to look at my business plan with Simone as it was an effective way to create time and space to think just about my business. Writing down ideas that were in my head gave me a clearer understanding of areas that were covered well and other areas that need attention. The follow-up work led to a positive outcome for me and I looked forward to discussing my ideas with someone else with good business knowledge.’  Director BodyTune Health Care

    Create Your Vision
    Create the business you’ve always dreamed of!


    In the first stage of your journey, we will Create Your Vision, assisting you to:

    • Develop the vision for your business
    • Create your business plan
    • Build a profitable and successful business
    • Learn how to read and understand your Financial Statements
    • Learn how to complete your Budget and Cashflow

    Create Your Vision is a workshop designed to assist you to create and realise your business vision.

    Unlike working with traditional accountants and business advisers, Vision Your Business assists clients to recognise and overcome the mental and emotional barriers that may be preventing you from creating a viable vision for your business and makes business planning process fun, enjoyable and easy!

    Simone will take a look at the benefits of being self-employed, set some goals around why you want to be in business and get you ready to start on the road to having a wonderful, successful business.

    At the end of the course you will:

    • feel motivated, empowered and in control of your business
    • have a clear set of goals for growing your business
    • nurtured along the way to understand and confident with your new knowledge in understanding what YOUR business is telling you
    • feel confident in your ability to run a successful business AND have balance in your personal life, and, of course
    • you will have a clear, concise and actionable Business Plan, mapping out your journey.

    You can register for this workshop online by calling Simone on 0408 638 403 or email on [email protected]

    Winners in life think constantly in terms of

    I can, I will and I am


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